Click ‘Invite’ in the game, and the last 7 numbers in the link are your UID.

Enter the Meow Universe, where Catizen offers GameFi excitement, AI innovation, and Metaverse exploration. Experience the revolutionary model, turning gameplay into a token treasure hunt. Brace yourself for the Meow Metaverse, where gaming, community, and technology merge for an unforgettable adventure!

  • Long-press the cat and drag it to another cat with the same level.
  • Release the cat, and your two cats will merge into one cat with a higher level!
  • If you want to delete one cat, simply long-press and drag it to the bin.

To delete a cat in the game, follow these steps:
  • Long-press the cat you want to delete
  • Drag the cat to the trash
  • Release the cat, and it will be deleted

$vKitty: You can earn $vKitty by raising and upgrading cats. Additionally, you can use it to purchase more cats.

$Fish: You can earn $Fish by completing tasks and inviting friends. It’s also used for buying higher-level cats and going fishing.

These two currencies cannot be converted into each other, and you cannot sell them to others.

  • In ByBit account buy or swap your crypto to mantle.
  • Transfer mantle from your ByBit wallet to your OKX wallet.
  • Bind the OKX wallet with Catizen Mantle.

Restart your wallet app and try again.

The weight shown is the weight of your largest fish, not the total weight

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